Ring, ring, ring (someone picks up the phone)

Them: Boa Tarde!

Me: Boa Tarde! Desculpe, nao follo Portuguese. Stephanie

Them: Estephanie!!! (Laughter) tres augas?

Me: Sim, tres augas, por favor. Obrigada!

Hang up phone.

Somehow from this conversation about 40 minutes later 3 jugs of water are delivered to my house. Amazing!


{this moment}


{this moment}

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
inspired by Soule Mama at soulemama.com

Observations About Brazil

– People in Brazil seem to be very happy, more so than in the United States. People are mostly smiling and kind. We went to see “Percy Jackson o Mar de Monstor,” and everyone was cheering at the begining of the movie! They all just seemed happy to be there.

– Avacados are huge! My husband bought me a big unidentified fruit at the market. We are trying to be adventurous with some of our food. So, it was green and bigger than a softball. I cut it opens it was the biggest avacado that I’ve ever seen. Sweet too. Made avacado egg salad. Yum!

– Vanilla. Finally found vanilla extract at the fancy grocery store in the mall. $50 for a medium sized bottle! I think I’ll buy some next month in the US  and bring it back with me. 

– The ocean is so beautiful with so many shades of blue and green. The beach is so empty that it feels like we have it to ourselves. I expect that will change when winter is over, but for now it is lovely and so peaceful.  

– It’s my husband’s birthday today. We will be attempting to make a cake from a cake mix in Portuguese with metrics. That will be interesting. Feliz Aniversário! (Happy Birthday!)

Bom Dia!

Wow! I don’t even know what to say anymore. I totally missed blogging last week. Our Internet kept dropping out. Also, I find that I write in my head, but am not so good about getting things typed out or down on paper. I must admit, I feel like I am going crazy here in Brazil. I have not felt this kind of mood swing since my freshman year in college. Sometimes I think that Brazil is just great and other times I am so homesick. Just when I think I am good, something triggers me again. I am still trying to take it all one day at a time. So…. The positive: We went to the next or neighbor’s house for happy hour. They are so nice. The husband speaks a bit of English and they are just so kind! Yesterday the kids played with the 6 year old neighbor girl. She was shy at first, but then seemed very outgoing once she warmed up.They had a lovely time, but after 6 hours I had to lead her home by the hand because she did not seem to want to leave. The kids were totally exhausted after they swam and ran all day! Hubby’s bad back and sprained ankle are improving. After being lost and asking several people for directions, we finally found the US consulate in Recife and were able to get our visa documents notarized. AND I called and ordered water in Portuguese and 30 minutes later it was actually delivered! Amazing!  The difficult: Just really worn out! The constant stress of the language, the culture, the homesick kids AND no time alone is starting to take its toll. The introvert part of me is ready to shut myself away with a good book, a craft project, chocolate and a good movie. I hope that having some time with family in September will revive me and give me a much needed break. I am off to hang out the laundry. I’ve found that I don’t mind not having a dryer. There is something good about clothes dried by the sun!