We are in Brazil!

I am a Christian homeschooling mom who recently moved to Brazil from the USA.I have a wonderful husband whom I’ll refer to as “Hawk,”  a 10 year old daughter, “Zoey Chick,” and an 8 year old son, “Jay.” I am “Cantoria Galinha” which means Singing Chicken in Portuguese. I love to sing and teach music to children. I really do not see myself as a blogger and quite honestly I doubt anyone but family and close fiends will ever even read this, but it will give me an outlet while here in Brazil so I’m going to give it a try. I think having a daily assignment will be good for me. We are living in a small town beach community in the state of Pernambuco. The ocean is a 3 minute walk and it is beautiful!

We are in Brazil because my husband took a 1 year assignment here with his company. We have been here 5 weeks and I must admit they have been a very difficult 5 weeks for me. I tend to be a glass is half full kind of person and have easily adjusted when we’ve moved in the states AND I truly believe that God called us here so I am shocked at how difficult this has all been for me! I have been more homesick than my kids or my husband. I would even say I am borderline depressed. I have been reading many expat blogs and books. Seems like this is extremely common. I have been Skyping friends and family which seems to help. We’ve also changed our school schedule. We typically do school in the morning and play in the afternoon. We’ve now been going to the beach and swimming in the morning and doing school after lunch. It is hard to be sad when you are on a beautiful beach looking at the ocean and the exercise doesn’t hurt either. It gets me in a better frame of mind for the rest of the day.

We are also struggling because we do not speak Portuguese. We have been doing Rosetta Stone and Dino Lingo, but it just isn’t enough. We are meeting with a Portuguese teacher today. I hope that she is good with kids. The lessons will be rather long and I want the kids to enjoy learning a new language. I also need to get over my thoughts that I am not good at foreign   language. I just remember taking Italian in college and feeling like I would never understand it!

Well, we will see how this blogging thing goes. I don’t really know if I will be able to keep it up. I hope so. I do think that it will help me even if nobody reads it. Right now I am sitting on a chair on the porch. The kids are on either side of me swinging in their hammocks. Zoey Chick is reading The Red Fairy Book. Jay is drawing Clash of Clans pictures in his notebook. I am getting ready to sew a rice heating pad for Hawk as he is having back pain. Boy, I wish that I had my sewing machine! Bom Dia!mm


One thought on “We are in Brazil!

  1. Hi, I ran across your moment this week on soulemama and had to leave just a note of encouragement and understanding. I recently spent 5 months in Quito, Ecuador, with my family, and although there were great points–particularly the trip to the Galapagos–it’s just *really hard* to settle for a long-but-temporary period with kids and spouse. Be patient with the process and with yourself. We’re living proof that it can be done, though. My own situation is different than yours: I am a historian who has lived in Ecuador several times before, but always alone. This trip was on a Fulbright. So, not really a language issue for me, but here were for my husband and kids. Anyway: good luck! (www.misfitmeanderings.blogspot.com has more of the trip stuff, but a few pages back).

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