Observations About Brazil

– People here are much more affectionate. Hawk, my husband has been kissed and hugged by all of his female co-workers. I have been kissed and hugged  by people when first introduced. Air kissing, once on each cheek, seems to be the thing to do. Also, when people watching in the mall I’ve noticed that everyone walks around holding hands or with arms around each other. People I’ve seen holding hands: mothers and teenaged sons, a 12 year old boy and his 10 year old sister, girl friends, parents and older kids, and couples. Very interesting. In the US I can’t imagine seeing a mother and teenage son walking around the mall holding hands. I kind of like it!

– If you have wet sheets in the washing machine and the power goes out……..you have no sheets.

-People in Brazil are very kind. So far everyone we’ve met has been so kind to us even when we can barely speak to them! We’ve been met everywhere with smiles and patience. It is so good as both my daughter and I are introverts and find it hard to step out and take risks, especially in such an unfamiliar place. We are getting more comfortable with attempting Portuguese. I just feel so silly and uncomfortable when I try to speak. My college Italian class comes crashing back into my mind. I did not do well with Italian. Hopefully God will help us along withnourmlamguage skills! Bom Dia!



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