What I Miss…

What I miss about living in the USA (we are currently in Brazil)…

– Sammy Snow, our beloved aussiedoodle, who is staying with some very kind grandparents. I am shocked at how much I miss Sammy. I guess I didn’t realize what a great job he does at cheering me up and taking away stress. I think it really  is true that animals help you calm down and distress. Zoey especially misses him. He is what she has cried most about. Since we homeschool he is just such a part of the day for us. We get to go see him in 34 days!

– Friends and family of course! Although, I must say that email, Facebook and Skype have been lifesavers here. I miss my friends and family so much, but keeping in contact is so easy in this electronic age. I can’t imagine doing this 150 years ago when the only option was mail and that took months. I don’t thinking could do it.

– Libraries – When I asked about public libraries I was met with confusion and blank stares. I tried to explain, “You know, libraries? They are these buildings full of all kinds of books. Anyone can just go borrow the books, but then you have to take them back.” I was told, “Oh, we do not have that here in Brazil.” Now, I know that the books would be in Portuguese, but who cares? We would still have fun looking at them and trying to figure stuff out. As a homeschooling mom we never leave our home library with less than 50 books, usually more like 100. We are relying on our kindles, but it’s just not the same. Ah, the feel and smell of a real book, how I miss it!

-Seasons. I love the change of seasons! I have seasonal decor for everything. My kids and I love decorating for all the holidays. About this time in the summer I usually start pining for autumn: apples, pumpkins, cool nights, turning leaves, and Halloween. We have an awesome light up Halloween village that we get out every fall. Jay is especially sad about not getting to have the Halloween village. Well, it’s winter here AND we are close to the equator so the seasons don’t really change and even if they did spring is coming, not autumn. I’ve told the kids that next year when we are back home we will do all the holidays extra huge! Many parties, I say! I am grateful that we will be visiting family in Michigan for the month of September. We will at least get a little fall before heading back to the beach.

– English! I miss talking to people in English. I miss being able to go to a store or make a phone call and get what I need. I can’t wait until we fly back to the states and I walk off the plane and hear English all around me! I am working on Portuguese, but it is slow going and I’m having flashbacks to high school Spanish. I think I have a mental block when it comes to learning a foreign language.

– Salad (still a little nervous about eating raw produce), chocolate chips, bagels, corn chips, sharp cheddar cheese, Kraft mac&cheese, Larry’s Pizza, a really good hamburger, Mexican food, Oreos, my crockpot and my mixer.



One thought on “What I Miss…

  1. Since you are in winter, what are the little signs that make it winter? I really miss the big seasonal changes since I’ve moved to NC (still 4 seasons but all are mild). Now, I really try to find those more subtle changes in the outdoors to make me feel the season. It makes me feel better. Maybe searching for some differences will make you feel “winter” more. There should be some new holidays to celebrate as well – beyond the amazing Carnival festivities (that should be great fun!). Maybe the local priest speaks English too.

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