Observations About Brazil

– People in Brazil seem to be very happy, more so than in the United States. People are mostly smiling and kind. We went to see “Percy Jackson o Mar de Monstor,” and everyone was cheering at the begining of the movie! They all just seemed happy to be there.

– Avacados are huge! My husband bought me a big unidentified fruit at the market. We are trying to be adventurous with some of our food. So, it was green and bigger than a softball. I cut it opens it was the biggest avacado that I’ve ever seen. Sweet too. Made avacado egg salad. Yum!

– Vanilla. Finally found vanilla extract at the fancy grocery store in the mall. $50 for a medium sized bottle! I think I’ll buy some next month in the US  and bring it back with me. 

– The ocean is so beautiful with so many shades of blue and green. The beach is so empty that it feels like we have it to ourselves. I expect that will change when winter is over, but for now it is lovely and so peaceful.  

– It’s my husband’s birthday today. We will be attempting to make a cake from a cake mix in Portuguese with metrics. That will be interesting. Feliz Aniversário! (Happy Birthday!)


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